Science and spirituality explain the same thing, but in different languages. -Albert Einstein 

The religious texts are the coded versions or the science fiction stories that have been designed to make a layman understand and follow a lifestyle that synchronizes with nature.

What is the age-old Nuclear physics concept we know?

Cosmic science was always pointing towards meditation and Shiva.

But is Shiva only about Meditation?

Foremost ancient Shiva Lingam found by archeologists dates back to 3000 B.C belonging to the Harappa and Mohenjodaro site of Sindhu Civilisation.

The Astronomical calculations quoted in Ramayana, show the evidence of Ravana mediating for Shiva’s blessings in 5014 B.C., which is nearly 7000 years ago.

Shiva lingam was not just a Hindu idol.

The worship of Shiva Lingam was not confined to India and Sri Lanka only. Lingam was referred to ‘Prayapas’ by the Romans who introduced the worship of Shiva Lingam to European countries.

The statutes of Shiva Lingams were found in the archeological findings in Babylon, a city of ancient Mesopotamia.

In Indonesia, Shiva is also worshiped as Batara Guru.

1000 Lingas are found in Cambodia, known as Kal Spean


The actual Shiva Lingam should be in a perfect ellipsoid shape (egg-Shaped).

-Ellipsoid revolutions of planets and electrons.

-The ellipsoid shape of galaxies.

And many more.


People forget there are three parts:

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1. base = brahman (father)

2. yoni = maya (mother)

3. linga = creation (child)

As we can read in Bhagavad Gita:

14.3 My womb (yoni) is the great-sustainer (maya). In that I (base/brahman) place the seed (atman). From that (union), O Arjuna, occurs the birth of all things (linga/creation).

14.4 O Arjuna, whatever forms are born from all the wombs, of them the great-sustainer (maya) is the womb (yoni); I (base/brahman) am the father who deposits the seed (atman).


There is saying, ‘While meditating Shiva Stores all the energy within the self. But breaks out if there is a small disturbance’

Just like the Nuclear energy, leading to destruction.

To begin with, let’s discuss few scientific codings in Shri Bhagavatham.

In the first chapter of Third Bhagavatham, the first and second Shloka (stanzas) means,

“If we go on dividing the material, we achieve the smallest particles finally called Paramanamulu. (Atoms) Which cannot be divided.”

And the Fifth Shloka (stanza) means,

“ Two paramanas make one Anuvu (Molecule), Three Paramanas make one Trisarenuvu (Tri-Atom molecule.”

These Documentations date back to 1652 B.C. (3652 years ago)

In 1808 John Dalton described the Atomic structures containing proton and neutrons (Sub-atomic particles) making Nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons.

Enough of science there. 😛

Let’s know the architectural marvels of Temples.

The temples Built in Ancient days were based on Aagama Sastra. Which makes them powerful energy sources according to what people say.

But why are they considered as powerful energy sources?

For a fact, the actual Shiva Lingam is made of Granite stone.

Source of Granite: Molten Lava from volcanoes cooled over millions of years.

This stone made from granite posses Radioactive properties which are capable of releasing and absorbing energy.

When placed in a temple, the continuous rituals are done and chants narrated in the four walls reflect the energy. (this is no spiritual or supernatural thing, there are a lot of scientific experiments that prove sound has the capacity to induce energy.)

Interesting Fact: Papers or writing down wasn’t the vital part of writing in ancient days, But Narrating the subject directly to the student in person was considered the best way to transfer knowledge known as ‘Mantraopadesam’.

In a way, this was done to teach the exact pronunciation.

When we visit temples we pray with joined hands, exerting a minute pressure on our fingertips and the basic acupressure points.

Acupressure the basic science behind Yoga mudras.

The Thumb and Index fingers have the pressure points that revitalize the body to absorb energy. Especially, Pituitary gland.

In case of worshipping Shiva, we usually place these two fingers on the ears of Nandi and watch the Lingam.

Well, Eye is the most vital organ. We know the effects the effects of LED screens on eyes or any radio waves for that matter. Which means Eye also has the power of absorbing energy.

If Shiva Lingam is Science, Why are all the offerings to it?

Nature always works under the principle of Duality, The good in something is always hidden by the bad or vice-versa.

To Neutralise the harmful radiation, Shiva Lingam is anointed with water.

The anointed water turns into the heavy water due to the harmful radiation.

Which is why this water is always mixed with rivers or water bodies but never consumed directly.

The Nuclear Shiva Lingam: 

Shiva Lingam shows almost every property of Nuclear reactor. 

Nuclear reactors are usually constructed near water bodies and in similar shapes which facilitate higher energy generation.

Also, the water bodies help in neutralizing the harmful radiation from the nuclear plant.




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