Aeon Voyage

His eyes flinched to the rays of bright sunlight.

“Revati” exalted, he called out to his daughter.

There was no retort. It was sheer silence.

He crept to the veil, slowly pulled it apart.

He was stupefied by the sight.

He opened his eyes to bright light, but it was gloomy, filled with nothing but vacuum.

“Revati” He screeched out in emotional burst out, fearing what had happened while his brain unveiled the misty incident that led him there.

To the ‘MAYA’.

As walked through the shiny translucent aisle, he spotted Revati lying unconscious on the floor.

He knew it was the out-turn of the sudden change to the wormhole travel, she will be conscious in no time.

Why am I doing this? Is this really important now? Revati is no doubt an independent woman of immense intellect. After all, this was her creation. I know she is capable of anything.

I might be a renowned Monarch of Kusasthali. Proclaimed “Kakudmi”!

But, I failed as a father. I could give her everything she ever wanted, and couldn’t find the most important essence of life if I ever have to leave her alone in this world, a ‘Life partner’.

“In which world are you Appa?” Revati catechized, as she slowly stretched out to get balance over herself.

‘Revati, I was worried about you dear. Are you okay?’

‘C’mon Appa, why do always have to ask questions when you know the answer?’

‘Okay, okay, My bad. Now could you please tell me where we are headed?’

“Oh ya, As you know I’ve invented this machine.”

‘Yeah, the contraption.’
“Oh yeah, then you can go ahead meet your dream and come back. I’ll sit back and relax. Operate everything by yourself.” said Revati with a mischievous smirk.

‘Sorry, Go on.’ Father knew he had to say that to not waste time.

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. My daughter has invented a way to beat time.’ he thought.

‘So this helps us to travel through the wormholes which will hopefully connect us to your dream that you always wanted to meet, Br… Wait, Look there’

A Bright luminescent light was approaching them, making their sight blur for a while to reveal a beautiful water-filled landscape, fresh air, and pleasant bass rhythm from an invisible source.

‘ How do we reach Brahma now? Appa, Did you make any plan?’

“Walk a mile towards the east and then turn towards your right.” heralded a silvery voice.

‘ Woah this place is way cooler than I expected it to be Appa. And a bit creepy too. How did that revert to my question without input command.? Anyway, this place feels like eternal bliss.’

As they reached the right turn they could see a man sitting on a bean bag shaped as lotus.

‘There, that’s Brahma’ pointed Kakumdi in excitement.

After overhearing a brief conversation between them.

To her disappointment, all this was described as her father’s dream to plot her marriage.

‘Appa, I told you, I didn’t want such discussion until I find the right one. My first love will always be my passion for research and my work.’ Revati yelled out in annoyance.

‘No dear, I will not force you, trust me. I was just curious about what might happen. You know basic human tendency.’

“According to Brahma, There is a person on earth who will meet you as soon as we go back.”

“Nope, It’s not that easy” a hoarse voice spoke, Brahma continued.

“You have traveled to the future, that doesn’t mean time will pause for you in the past. 4 million years have passed in your travel time. And nothing you do will revert the passed time.
The lands that were filled with green have all been dried up, new civilizations have developed.
Now all you can do is go the Krishna and Balarama civilization and continue living there.”





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