Arjun Reddy – A deceiving visual?

With Arjun Reddy fever all over. I happened to overhear a heated argument regarding the ethics, what is to be learned and what is wrong about the movie.

Let’s not make it a heated argument over here and just try and talk about what is so appealing about this movie? and would it really put a path for the youth to follow?

I am not judging the movie or passing any comments. It’s just a thought that shot my mind.

“I could relate to the character” is the general statement given 80-90% of the people in my circle.

What is so relative in the movie?

The love story? Yes. Any person in love or the one who experienced it, can understand the love.

But the part that is not commendable is, most of them are forgetting that it is a love story filled with with complete possessiveness, male chauvinist ego, where the guy instead of making the girl strong enough to stand up for herself, makes her dependent on him.

Right from the scene where he decided whom she should be friends with, the holi fight scene, which  is common any person would face bullying, the person who stands up to it is the survivor not the one who tries to protect her from everything, which in this case is making her feel that he and the world around him is her world.

Well, that a narcissist behaviour.

Okay. Keeping the relationship part a personal issue.

Would it be right to call the movie a bold one?

Yes, By talking about boldness if we mean it’s about kissing the girl in front of her father and expecting him not to react? Yes.

Fighting for nothing. Which is a sign of rowdyism.

If bold means having sex and kissing, yes.

Asking each and every girl to help him physically by portraying emotional love failure drama. Yes.

Drinking, Drugs, Smoking, Putting ice cubes in pant. Yes.

If that’s all boldness is about, then yes. It is a bold movie.

Or should we talk in a more mature way here? Oh yes, some people call it a mature movie too.

Girl was strong enough to get over each and every challenge. Face her family and say that yes they were in love and they made love lot times, to her parents.

Unlike Arjun, who couldn’t explain what happened,  and whirled with private space, age.

Without giving up on her self respect the girl choose to stay independent even when she got to know that she is pregnant. She choose to work for herself and not to give up her life, whatever the circumstances were.

Passing irresponsible statements like babies should happen out of love, not by planning is what a doctor says. Perhaps, thats why we find so many babies in dustbins these days. Being a doctor behaving so irresponsible and passing comments about making babies, makes it the male chauvinist character.

Let’s not make this an argument here again. It’s just that making babies out of love is different from the responsibilities that follow them. Which only people with broader prospective can understand.

Also, let’s not forget that there have been a lot of instances (His friend Kamal’s love)in the movie where he tries to degrade the love of other people who were physically not that intimate and stays in a mind set which perceives only his love to be so pure and true.

Feelings are never going to change towards a person once we fall deeply in love with someone. That’s an unchangeable fact. If we happen to cross over a person whom we love wholeheartedly we happen to go weak for an instance.

Once, when the character felt that he would have opted for a better career prospective (Neurosurgery), if the girl wouldn’t enter his life. They were not meant to be together. Despite the strong feelings they have for each other, which spoils the climax.

Bottom Line: 

What is to be learnt from the movie?

Is it that to lose the control of mind and spoil your career with all sought of bad habits?

Or should we be gulping on the stronger mature part, like the girl standing up for herself finally and taking charge over herself regardless of the circumstances?

Conflicting thought:

If the movie was taken from a girls perspective, would it reach out to the audience with the same stretch?

I am no one to give a verdict on the movie, lets just keep it as a movie with eye-catching screenplay, splendid background and mature dialogues by grandmother (which was my favourite character of all).

Let this movie be a movie.

Unfortunately, some people are taking it personal and trying to blend in, or to wrangle over it.

Yet, we should never forget that VISUALS CAN BE DECEIVING.


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