Baffled entry – 2

Failing to express things was natural to her.

She never thought that a person would clearly understand what her mind speaks or let’s say the heart. She had a beautifully blended romance, though it went wrong.

It was the bonding that left her in denial.
Despite everything, she tried to get over things and be normal with people.
One companion changed the way she perceived everything around her.
And Life begins again. (She assumed)

Dear candy,
It has been a long time since we spoke. I am quite excited coz the first meeting with him was quite adventurous I must say.

I never imagined that I would find such a person in my life. He’s like a replica of the guy I admire the most. Including the voice.

How is this even possible?

Anyway, the evening was spent peacefully at his place, few friends and some beer, what else would anyone ask for!?

It was all smooth until I got a call from mom. Damn! What a timing.

Well, everything happens for good. I left everything on time to decide what’s best.

I used to love the way he drove all the way to my place to apologize for sending me home in a cab the other day. I wouldn’t let him drive anyway coz he was drunk.

Oh Ya! how can I not mention the search mission for my favorite flavored ice cream.

In no time, we happened to meet at a party and that one drunk night changed everything.

Out of nowhere, he expects this to become a relationship?

I would have given it a thought if it was the same person speaking.

But I don’t understand how can someone change so much after physical intimacy.

“I F’ng had sex with you. What else do you want?” were the exact words spoken by him.

Really? I mean that’s all you can think of? What about the individual personality? What about emotional support?

Do you really think that a relationship is about sex?

Are you F*ng kidding me?

Understanding the bonding is more important. Yes, sex is important in a relationship. But it’s not the world. The world is much larger than you think of. If it was not for those words uttered, be it in anguish or whatever it is, ruined everything that happened.

😀 I don’t even know why I have written this. I just wanted to get back to writing post vacation ( Let’s say a lazy vacation if it exists).

Thank you for reading it. 😛



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