Baffled Entry – 3

Losing someone.

Does love come with an expiry date?
People do.
Should it necessarily be a romantic relationship?

Losing anyone is losing?
Now is losing someone who’s not alive anymore the same as losing a person who is around us at every turn we take.
It’s almost the same.
The difference just remains that in the former way the mind is gets tuned that the person cannot come back to our daily activities.

The other? How does that work?
There are a variety of ways a person handles such experiences.
First and foremost they become emotionally unavailable for everyone.

Second, over-attachment to things and animals, technically anything other than humans.

Third, self-destruction.
Run away, run away from everything and anything, any sought of human commitments.

And the list is endless.

They appear to be normal humans as if they are the happiest individual ever on the planet. But little does anyone know that every night they cry themselves to sleep, they suffocate to be able to portray happiness, pretend to feel, and try and make everything so perfect that they lose control of themselves.

They break a little at each turn.

One act can make you go on a roller coaster of life. How can someone undo the love?
Does everyone dare to accept the fact that there’s a layer that is so brittle that it bursts, with just a prick?

Why does the stupid mind go back and analyze all the moments just to come to a point where it starts doubting everything?

Thousands of questions.
Moments of self-guilt.

What amount of time would it take to overwrite the moments?

Is it possible to overwrite?

No idea.

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