Baffled Entry – Hook up​s.

Finally, this was the day, she broke the boundaries she drew around herself and tried to mingle with people.

It was her choice to converse and understand the different minds and there she goes to a house full of people partying for no reason at all.

She assumed that fake smiling and forced flirting are the only choices there.

So, at the drink table, the most happening topic was the dating application for smartphones, or we can say a medium to hook up.

Mr.Y: You know what we get the best dates to cope up with heartbreak.

Well, the human mind is always a victim. Especially in a generation that is clouded with loneliness despite having thousands of people around them. The device, deadly device called smartphone acts as the wingman.

So, she registered on this app and Ta-Da. There’s a match before she even figured out everything about it.

And, to her surprise, he was at the same party.

Mr.X: So, Do you wanna smoke up with me? Let’s find a more private space where we can go down on each other and have some fun.

Now her mind made the talking part first. “That’s it? Is it all everyone here is gonna talk. Why is it always about getting drunk, uppers or downers?”

She: Hesitantly Well, Let’s see. Give me some time to think. I basically have some trust issues. I don’t even know you.

Mr.X: Think? Why think? How does it matter? We are just going to have some fun. Why would trust and knowing to be important for that?

Again, coz the overthinking brain does not seem to stop. So, the mind talks “See, mister whatever those things might not matter to you, but for me, they are important because if you a bit brainy person and you follow some basic daily news, you would definitely panic to go out if you were a girl. Anyway…. Let me camouflage into the herd mentality for once and see.” Still confused.

Now, this is an evening where hooking up is the norm and your unwillingness to participate is a shame.
She: It does, Let’s see how things go after a week or so. By then I might get comfortable.

And, she thoroughly worked on mastering the art of separating the physical wants from the emotional needs. Maybe, this digital era is not made for emotional needs.

But what about the desire to talk and express ourselves to someone? Isn’t that an emotional need as my mom says? Wouldn’t that be important? Well, That’s what friends are for.

Because while a romantic relationship may be a relative phenomenon, physical relationships have been crafted to be the more relatable one.

And I’m left feeling sorry for a generation that has forgotten what it’s like to just hold a hand and feel a heartbeat or just talk into the hours of the night.

Probably collecting people and conquering bodies in the digital world might become a trophy race one day.

On the contrary, I believe that this practice is much better than the forced marriages, extramarital affairs, and people living together for the sake of society or their children.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. 🙂

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