Baffled Entry – To do or not to do.

To do or not to do. – The mind of an overthinker.

Brain what a silly thing it is.
It always manages to make a person walk into potholes.
Is it potholes each time?

How do we determine that?

How do we even know if the path we choose is the one for us?
Perhaps, only time can tell.

But wait, time is a tricky gambler here.
Oh yes, it is a gambler.

The person we know a few miles ago in the path of a timeline, may not be the exact person just a while after.

In such cases, how can we even say that only time can tell?

So everything falls back to the same question.

To do or not to do.

If something hurt us real bad, should it be abandoned?

If something gave us immense happiness, is it an indication to cling on to it?

What if the brain wants to get rid of certain stuff in life and the heart is stopping it or vice-versa?

I’ve always known people who are overthinkers, probably that’s what is called the law of attraction.

But if the phenomenon of like-minded people being attracted to each other’s lives is for real, how can one make a mistake and end up being heartbroken.

Can that be a mistake?
Isn’t that mistake the base for a person to be scared of any sought of commitments and responsibilities? (Be it their past, their childhood or the circumstances they happened to see.)

There are these beautiful lines that I’ve come across in a show recently.

“Pretending to have fun, hoping to have fun.
Pretending to feel, hoping to feel.
And every time I get hold of your belongings, I just break a little more.
Just a little.
Broken but beautiful.

So does that mean I should throw away the belongings?
Yes, this time it’s a mutual answer by both brain and heart. (No matter how tough a decision it is.)”

Probably that’s how most of the population manages to survive.
Broken in their own way.
But, Beautiful. 🙂




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