Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

“What happened to Jyothi? Why is this place shady?”

“Your Majesty, I am afraid. The regulator is out of control. I couldn’t fix it.”

“Is there any backup on the generator? Is incubator supposed to be in power all the time?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Where is Sundari? Being the lead scientist isn’t she supposed to monitor all of this?” Shiva tried to maintain his composure despite all the chaos.

Nandi replied in a shaky voice.

“She might be at Parvathi maa’s place sir. Parvathi mam must be knowing the in and out of this dynasty. She might be on her way back to find a solution.”

“Well, Parvathi is inherently ingenious. To be frank, I was amazed to see all her inventions and creations. Including Ashoka Sundari.”


Well, Nandi couldn’t finish his reply because Shiva was unstoppable if he ever started talking about Parvathi.

” I can approve of anything she ever does, but this, this project. I cannot accept it. And now she just left the authentication to someone who cannot handle it? Does she want to remain as a failure? Because any number of successful projects can cover one failure, that’s how we designed the people. Is she conscious enough about the consequences of this one power failure?”

“Yes, sir. I mean I don’t know sir.”

“Ah, there she is one and only Ashoka Sundari, my daughter <3. ”

“Sir, You have missed something. ”

“No Nandi, I noticed Parvathi there. I can foresee the next few minutes if she notices me here. Remember the one mistake I make with her creations?”

“Yes, of course, How can anyone forget the epic war between father and son which lead to the histories most inventive and splendid surgery ever possible? For me, it was a mind-boggling experience, literally.”

“Yes, Nandi, Let me give you quick instructions and I’ll make a move.

Remember one thing Parvathi is a fast-learner; you have to give her one clue. Without Jyothi, this incubator/Kadru as she named it will soon attract a lot of heat.

Oh damn, I want to see her reaction if I tell her that she would attain power with my grace. 😛 Well, Jokes apart, I’ll make a move now.”

“Oh, there is one more thing that I forgot to mention. All she has to do is stay calm and let her head spark the idea of Jyothi. And the laboratory will lit by itself.”

As Parvathi walked in the shady place and the empty hallway in lab served as catalysts for her.

There was bright luminous light in no time; everything was back to working condition in no time.

Just like a miracle.

“Mom, come here asap.” Sundari freaked out at the site of the serpent whirled around the tiny human body. ”

Parvathi stood still and uttered a single sentence.

“She will be a healer, but her aggression at any noxious action by anyone, I don’t think I can ever imagine such aggression.”

“I didn’t get your point mother. What is all this about?”

“Nothing Sundari, the world will witness the rest.”

Epilogue: This short story was an attempt to make a notion about the long forgotten fictional characters, three daughters of Lord Shiva in a fictional way. They say that they were mentioned in the ancient scriptures.

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