Cyclic Obliteration

Eternal bliss and sagacious vibes were filled in every quark of that area. Pure white clouds were passing few inches overhead, cold breeze.

“Sage Brihaspati, how far is it?” asked Indra, in a shivery voice.

“Few more miles, Indra. Don’t lose your patience; we might have to wait for Shiva to call us in, even if we reach earlier than estimated.”

“Okay, Sage!”

Indra’s Subconscious mind: (after few days of waiting at their destination)

It has been days, now its high time. What is all this? Why should I wait for him? I’m done with all this. I am going to leave now. Just not my kind of thing to handle. I need a proper place to take rest.

He jots down a note as quickly as he can and walks towards his chariot, parked downhill.

“Sage, I’m going to leave now. You can wait for as long as you want and talk to your Shiva. Let me know when you are ready. I’ll arrange your travel back to any place you want. “


He walks downhill furiously trying to manage a bunch of warm clothes on him.

Out of nowhere a local jumps in front of him.

He seemed to be weak, untidy and annoying of all, just staring at Indra, staring but not responding.

Indra tried to ignore him but he followed Indra, with each step, Indra slowly lost his temper.
Little did Indra know that Shiva was tantalising him in the disguise of local.

Indra took the sword and was about to kill the local.

Shiva’s self-defence mechanism was so rapid that in zeptosecond Indra’s hands were frozen.

Sensing that this fight might further turn feud, Sage Brihaspati interrupted to calm down Shiva’s anger. (Because only he knew the consequences of his rage)

“Shiva, please calm down.”

“Sage, I am sorry, but I cannot reverse my actions.” said furious Shiva.

“I can guide you. Trust me; the only issue is there will be repercussions we’ll have to solve later on.”

“Later on.? “

“Nothing to pound. Just a few additions and deletions to the creation. Let me explain to you. This process is an intense process that utilises generates tons of energy and n amount of matter destruction, and creation might occur.”


“Just direct your energy to Jalandhar, I’m giving this physical form to you (Machine or any physically existing device) to manage the creation and destruction of particles.”


“Wait, Let me finish. You remember the basic concepts of matter right?

[A regular atom has positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons in its nucleus. In contrast, a molecule in antimatter has negatively charged antiprotons in place of protons and positively charged positrons (anti-electrons) in an area of electrons.

Since matter and antimatter must reflect each other as opposites, the spectral lines of antimatter atoms should mirror those of ordinary molecules exactly.]

[When a subatomic particle collides with its respective antiparticle to produce other particles, such as an electron colliding with a positron to create two photons enormous amounts of energy is liberated, this process is known as ‘Antimatter Annihilation’.]

The whole process leads to the further creation of matter and antimatter in the universe in which matter is slightly more than antimatter.

The existence of slightly more matter as compared to antimatter is responsible for the existence of our life and the whole multiverse.

Any slight imbalances, like the one incident that occurred now, will result in either multiplication or deletion of universes if you want to take a look at how it occurs you can look up in the sky.

{ Bright luminance covered the white cloudy sky, various colours were shining radiant and spherical structures were splitting with bright thick (literally thicker) thunder like lights. }

All of this process is subjective to cyclic time. Such huge amount of positrons and electrons collisions to create ant hydrogen can occur only after one billion years. Because only one billionth part of a gram can be created in one year.”

“ Okay now, all I need to do is take help of Jalandhar, Is that it?”

“Yes, That’s it.”


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