Lost Love

A fairytale begins everytime we find someone more attractive than our partners and choose to spend time with that person rather than our partners. 

But, isn’t it supposed to be our conscious effort to not let that happen!?

It’s a definite yes!

But, that’s not how ‘love’ is defined these days.  

The long lasting love, lifelong commitments are long gone.

Lust and love can never compete. 

They must go hand in hand.
There’s no greater lust than love.

But, is lust enough to complete the complex formula of love? 

I don’t think so.  
Love has always been a complete package of emotions, lust, friendship, understanding. 

Intense fights. 
New beginnings after each fight.

Responsibilities which play a major role. 
Everything goes hand in hand. 

All of these things are long gone, with easy to get sex/hook ups. 

The story is always good, until someone interrupts. 

And then suddenly, we forget all our sweet moments. 

Perhaps the human mind is to be blamed for not being able to make stable decisions. 

Perhaps we can never make conscious efforts to keep up the relationships. 

We might never be able to decode the secret our grandparents had to sustain a relationship for a longer period of time. 

Maybe it’s beyond our capacity for a generation of confused people. 

They might be all well in terms of studies or career. 

But, it’s a world of broken hearts. 
Because, lust/power/pride take over every moment that humans spend together. And always win over ‘Love’. 

Relationships may seem to be a fairytale, but they are best experienced once we understand our true selves.


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