Myriad Perceptions

“He just stole gold from your house” “That’s nothing extraordinary to heal from it!!” He said.

“In my case the girl left with the guy she bluffed to be her best friend.” He said.

“You don’t know what I went through in my life to get here.” He said.

“I never got any support from my family. 

I never got any guidance from my family.

This is how my language is every sentence I speak might be vulgar. 

This what ‘normal’ is, in my opinion. 

Coz this was my circle as I grew up. My family and all my family members speak like this.” He said.

That’s it. That’s all people want to understand. 

That’s what people love. Having superior hand over each other. 

‘Don’t talk to guys, don’t meet them, don’t chat with these people etc.’

But, in reality, understanding is the key to any social relationship. 

Be it a romantic relationship, a family relationship or a friendship.

Respecting each other’s past, because no one can ever live the other side. 

It might seem easier to have a thought that the opposite person had a great life. 

But no, wait and think for a while. 

Anything could happen at any moment life.

Nothing lasts FOREVER.

FOREVER is a fairy tale. 

A fairy tale could be all attractive but it’s only until the story ends (just those few minutes of narration).

PAST is something that comes with the present person. 

One should have the guts to get over it and mingle with the society. 

We might all be affected by some incidents in life, which define our present.

No matter how hard we try, we always tend to go back to square one (coz, human nature).

The small moments and efforts that we create to define ourselves, to find a diversion of thoughts in the lonely world are different for each individual.

One might go in a spiritual path.

Others might try the line of arts, or talking to people that give a sense of comfort.

It could be anything. But what matters is if the person was able to attain his confidence or not. 

For some, reaching the level of confidence might require different number of people from various stages of his/her life for suggestions.

For some, a single person is enough. 

We just hear stories of our past experiences, they might seem silly to listen to, but they are quite sensitive to heal from.

“You’re fine now.” can be said by anybody.

Nothing is as easy as it seems to be.

God gives everyone hardships depending on individual’s capacity.

But, understanding this point is difficult for dominant people in life. 

Perceptions play a crucial role in a relationship.

Many of you might have faced such situations. Could be for any reason. 

Do share your stories through email, if you wish to.

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