It was just another mundane day in Crux’s life. Like any other business trip, he boarded the flight fighting his fatigue, trying not to doze off.

2 hours later.

“Ladies and gentlemen in a few minutes we’ll be landing in Haneda Local time is 2.00 pm and the temperature is…”

The flight attendant’s announcement rousted Crux off his snooze.

“What!?? 2.00 pm? Isn’t the flight supposed to land at 4.00pm? What the heck is going on? Why I am I feeling vertiginous?”

His mind was filled with wraiths. Everything around him was splitting into two. He could sense reverberations of voices calling out his name. His path leads to a tunnel of scintillating viridescent lights.

He was lying comatose on the runway in no time.

25 minutes later:

The medical team somehow managed to get him to a responsive stage in a considerably short span of 25 minutes.

The airport officials had to finish a few formalities.

“Can we see your identification please?”

“Sure. Here you go.”

He looked around, perplexed. “This place has changed a lot since my last visit. It is impossible for one place to change so much in one week. I think these people are diligent and meticulous.

“Are you sure this is your passport?”

“Why what’s the matter?”

“Your full name please?”

“Crux Eden”

“Native country?”


“And where is this place?”

“On the border of France and Spain.”

“I’m afraid sir. We’ll have to hold your baggage in the airport. Would you tell us the truth before the police take over this case?”

“Why, what’s the matter? Why would the police be involved?”

“There’s no country named Taured sir. This is not just a fake passport, it’s a blunder.”

“Pardon? Are you kidding me? If that’s the case how will I even board the plane in the first case? Plus, there are shreds of evidence of my previous business trips and other details you can check them.”

“We did that sir, we’re amused by the findings too. Most of the visa and travel stamps seem to be real. To actual countries. Can you please cooperate with us until we conclude.”

“Okay. I can give you the contacts of places I visited during my last visits.”

The officials speeded up the inquiry to unveil the incongruous man’s secrets.

“We’re sorry sir, but every contact you have failed to concord with you or any kind of professional visits with them.”


“We’re are moving you to a suite nearby. Your belongings will be withheld until we infer something.”

“But..” Crux had nothing to say.

“Can you point your country on the map?”

“This map is a faulty piece. But my country is supposed to be here, right where Andorra is. This is must be some kind of trap.”

“Okay. We’ll let other officials handle this from now on. We will be moving you to the hotel room for tonight.”

Next Day, 9.00 am:

The interrogation team reached the hotel as anticipated.

But they were dumbstruck to find room 666 empty.

One of the team members receives a phone call.

“There is a bad news sir. The mystery man’s baggage is missing, ‘from the airport’s security room’.”


-To be continued


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