Silly Heart!!

Nope never going to fall in love again!!! 
She trained herself not to let her feelings out in front of anyone! 
No matter what!

All that she wanted in the moment was her career! 
But then someone walked into her way.
Made her believe in love.
Like head over heels type of love. 
They spent every day and every night together!
They talked about everything. 
Although, she was vacillating about the idea of future she knew that they could make it work. 
But, she failed to express her feelings through words. 

She tried to put maximum efforts in action. 
She tried making the guy jealous. 
She tried to explain what her thoughts were. 
She tried and nothing seemed to work. 
She knew that she ignored all her intuitions and now it’s too late for her to take control over her feelings.

She understood that no matter what she does now. 
Nothing is going to work out. 

She also realized that somehow she got clinged to this person in a stronger way than with anyone else before! In a short period of time. 

I think that’s how the ‘Silly Heart’ pretty much works.

It has nothing to do than to carry the pain.

After all,

Silly hearts just carry a smile and say hello to everyone around them.
They just have immense love behind those eyes.

Goodbyes are diurnal rhythms for the silly hearts. 

They might look fine, but moving on is not a cakewalk for them for sure! —–VSR

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