Standing out was her choice.

She likes to party, nope she’s not addicted to the drinks, she is addicted to exploring the world.

Party? Yes.
Nope, not always.

She likes to spend time with her guy friends, she’s not a slut.

She was safe zoning herself from the ‘Drama’.

Na, she doesn’t care if she’s a steaming topic of the drama-filled gossips.

“C’mon Al, you have become a party person. Let’s go to a pub and chill.” Is what she often heard from the so-called friends.

Who was so stubborn to feel that if she likes to booze, she must be liking pubs too.

Well, while none can help their innocence or let’s just call it ignorance.

She’s just a carefree soul who just wants to explore the world and experience moments.

No that doesn’t include the pubs or boozing every other day.

She’s quite because she is not a chatty person.

At the same time, you get the best conversations if you choose to converse the proper way.

Stop generalizing her character based on her habits or the places she visits.

“I know Vegetarians love to eat Non-Vegetarian food”

Like really? Who the F told you that?

Because at the end of the day it is her choice.

She might eat Non-Veg Food today despite being a vegetarian or Vice-Versa.

Who are you to pass generalized statements?

It’s her Stance, let her do it her way.

Coz anyway she doesn’t give an F.

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