The Story of Nirith – 5

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Disclaimer: Based on a True Story.  Real incidents. Character names have been changed for privacy purposes. Any similarity to character names is not the responsibility of the writer and will not be changed as it might lead to the loss of intensity in the story.

*Happy Birthday Yash. Make a wish, lit the lantern and let it fly.*

After multiple attempts the lantern launch was unsuccessful.

😀 😀

“What did you wish for Yash, Was the wish such impossible task? Or was it something that you wanted to be some X-man?”

“I was serious about it Sam.”

“It’s Okay. Leave it. It will not fly now. I’ll get a new one for you. Don’t behave like a Despo Kid.”

“No Sam, You won’t understand, I wanted someone to be together for a lifetime.”

“Who? That short girl and you?”

“No. Sai and You.”

Sam laughed out loud.

“OMG! Yash. I never laughed this much for any of your verbal counters. 😀 😀 You seriously want me to get back with Sai? Are you kidding me? Do you even know what exactly happened between us and we got separated?”

“Sam, you are a kiddo. I know that you don’t want to get into any relationship. Not only with Sai. Your problem is any relationship. But did you ever think why your brain is so stubborn about that decision?”

“Because I don’t believe that relationships are meant to be forever. And I also have seen a lot of relationships ending up only in drama and separation.”

“No that’s not the reason. It’s because you still love Sai and you are not able to get over him.”

“Yash, Don’t try and disturb my brain. Yes, that might be one of the reasons. But that’s not the only reason.”

“Okay, I’ll just tell you one incident. I am not manipulating you, I am just trying to tell you a few things you don’t know. That’s it.

You remember you tried to tease him and you took away all the gifts that you sent to him or the ones that you left with him deliberately.?”

“Yes, I remember. I like to tease him. Coz I have the right. He gave me that right, he’s my Subbu anyway. You all came into his life after me. So I have the right.”

“I asked you to listen that’s it. I don’t have much time. I need to go home. Ram might come to pick me up any time now.

So where was I? Ya, I was there when were teasing him, and I know how psychotic sadist you were. Still, he didn’t say a word to you.

At least I tried to stop you once. But he didn’t.

When we left, finally after your PMS attack or whatever that was. I asked him one question.

Sai Why were you so silent and why do you wanna even try to stay with her when she is that rude to you?

Guess what he might have answered?”

“I am not interested. Basically not in a mood to think. You say. What did he say?”

“He said, you were bought up like that, you were bought like a Queen and further on whatever happens you will remain a Queen in his life. No matter what you do or how you behave. Now it’s …

“Hey, guys, What’s up?” Ram shoot into the discussion that was serious enough for Yash. And gave a pat on Sam’s shoulder.

“F*K, You scared me, Ram.”

“You get scared? Really? Anyway, whats the discussion about?”

“She feels Sai is not the right guy for her.”

“Oh really, Think again coz, he’s the cleverest and most loving person I have ever seen.

Also, his mind and his speech always starts and ends with you.”

I remember the funny incident that Yash told me about.

Sai was the member of TAM group in college.

Now don’t ask me how the group members know about you, almost every student in the college know you. At least your name, including the juniors whom they ragged or the seniors who ragged them.

Seniors in TAM group wanted Sai to perform a task which demanded to call you and say I love you coz they know that you were his crush/love whatever.

He didn’t expect that you would answer the call ever since you guys weren’t on talking terms.

But, you answered the call, as soon as he uttered the three words, you raged over him.

I can never forget that incident in my life.

Because that’s when I started being close to him.

All thanks to you.

He flushed the frustration on me, coz I was the immediate junior and unfortunately Yash’s brother.

This stupid didn’t even spare his own brother.”

“Leave it, Ram, I understood that this girl is a tough head. Sai was right she will not consider anything that she doesn’t like.

I just felt that it would be good if you guys were together.

There is a selfish motive that I never wanted to lose either of your friendship in my life. We should all be successful in life and party like we always do for the rest of our life.

That’s all dear now don’t make a big mess out of this or any drama that you won’t meet us or talk to us etc.”

“Okay Yash, You go home now. I need to leave too. It’s already late.”

“Text us, as soon as you reach home, Sam. Bye.”

Sam’s phone rang just when she ignited the engine of activa. Assuming that to be a reminder call from the house, she sped faster than usual.

There were 13 missed calls.

“13? Uff I am just 10 minutes late.”



“Who can this be? Oh, I might have missed the amazon delivery again.”

She dialed back to the number in the desperation to not lose her favorite product again.

“Hello, I have missed a call a while ago. Can I know who this is?”

“Sam, It’s Navesh here.”

“Navesh who?”

“Sai’s cousin.”

-To Be Continued


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