The Story Of Nirith – 6

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Disclaimer: Based on a True Story.  Real incidents. Character names have been changed for privacy purposes. Any similarity to character names is not the responsibility of the writer and will not be changed as it might lead to the loss of intensity in the story.

“Sam, It’s Navesh here.”

“Navesh who?”

“Sai’s cousin.”

“Yeah, tell me.”

“I heard your life has become really exciting these days?”

“Is that why you called? To know about what’s exciting?”
“No dear, I know what is happening, but I feel you are confused and disturbed about life.”

“No I am not.”

“Yes dear, you are. Have you noticed that you are posting a lot of status these days? I am not talking about your pics dear, its about the intensity of quotes. Why do you want to reveal your mind to the world? Never do that dear. I just wanted to guide you as your well wisher.”

“Yes, Bro. I get your point. But sometimes pouring your heart out is good in a way.”

“Your wish baby. But be careful and choose wise. Cya later. Gotta Go.”

She couldn’t grasp whatever Navesh spoke, it was all just vaporising in the heat of her thoughts.
It was a roller coaster of thoughts or maybe those special memories that can never be relived or bought back.Keeping aside the days spent in self-conceit. Her Bing-Bong took her to the ocean of happy thoughts.

A thwack on her shoulder bought her back in senses. It was him. Right place at the wrong time.
Her mind gave up to her heart and hugged him tight.

Sai: “Sam, I don’t know how and what made you change. But you are not what you are now. You never compromise or give up on relations. But, I could just analyse one thing that you are just trying to act detached. You aren’t.”

Sam: “No Subbu…It is..”

Sai: “Wait, Let me complete. Give me one chance more and I vow to you, I’ll not let you down.”

Sam: “I need time.”

Days passed on, this time with him. Their reunion made many mouths whisper. But their world was different.

Their best friends were their common couple friends. And life always becomes more exiting when best friends enter. It was all Netra and Kanish for quite a period of time.

Netra: “Sam, this is the best moment in life. I never expected that we would travel so far from being bench mates in High school.”

Sam: “Yeah right, I miss all those dirty talks, sighting guys, singing during class hours, well what not, last benchers should have some perks in life.
I never thought that the perks would tie us to these guys, I never knew that they were cricket mates.”

Netra: “Well, Life is a pack of surprises honey.
White Rum with?”

Sam: “Cranberry breezer.
I am just worried about one thing honey. I don’t want this to get complicated. I don’t want families to get involved and make a big drama out of this.
Though my parents know about my relationship, which I didn’t want to reveal. But I had to otherwise they would nag with emotional torment.”

Netra: “Chill. Don’t Overthink stuff. You’ll never stop that, you are just melting your brain with that.
By the way, who named you guys Nirith?

Sam: “Oh that was a stupid idea of my sister. It’s some Name blending concept she learnt after watching the television drama and following it on social networking site.

Suddenly out of the blues, she wanted to name us Nirith by blending our middle names.

Silly girl.”

Netra: “haha, She’s a kiddo. Chill. We used to do such stuff too.”

Kanish: “Girls, Did we disturb you.? Any personal talks? “

Sai and Kanish tried to act as chefs of the day, by ordering food and asking us if we liked the taste as if they prepared it.

Kanish: “What happened Sam? What are you thinking about?”

Sam: “Nothing Kan.”

Kanish: “Listen. I know about your mind. Let it calm down, don’t think we are here to enjoy. Let’s enjoy for the day and leave. We need to vacate by 4 in the evening. Come on now, on the count of 3, 2,1, Bottoms up.”

That day, spent there, was the most memorable, intense day of togetherness. That day probably was the silence before the storm.

It was a festival day. Bliss of festivity all around. And Sam’s mother noticed that the gold was missing from the locker.The family panicked.

Girls thoughts ran faster.

She rang to Sai asap.

Sam: “Sai, wake up.”

He replied in a sleepy voice. “Yeah tell me.”

Sam: “Sai, Listen to me carefully. Some amount of gold is lost from the locker. And this time if I get to know that it’s you I’ll not spare you. Remember. I’ll not spare you.”


                                                      -To be Continued



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