The Story Of Nirith – 7

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Disclaimer: Based on a True Story.  Real incidents. Character names have been changed for privacy purposes. Any similarity to character names is not the responsibility of the writer and will not be changed as it might lead to the loss of intensity in the story.


It was a festival day. The bliss of festivity all around. And Sam’s mother noticed that the gold was missing from the locker.The family panicked.

Girls thoughts ran faster.

She rang to Sai asap.

Sam: “Sai, wake up.”

He replied in a sleepy voice. “Yeah tell me.”

Sam: “Sai, Listen to me carefully. Some amount of gold is lost from the locker. And this time if I get to know that it’s you I’ll not spare you. Remember. I’ll not spare you.”


Sai: “Wait, I’ll be there in half an hour. I’ll talk to aunty.”

Sam: “What will you do here.?”

Sai: “Just in case they need some help.What is the value of the lost gold.?”

Sam: “I don’t know she is estimating it.”

He managed to reach Sam’s house in 30 minutes.

Sai: “Aunty, What happened.? How did all of this happen? What do you want to do now?”

Sam’s Mother: “Don’t know Sai. Uncle doesn’t want to give a police complaint it seems. He is not even ready to support me to proceed further. This happens all the time.”

Sai: “Don’t worry aunt. I know one police in the station near my house we’ll talk to him and see how to proceed further. “

Right from that moment the house was filled with hell lot of discussions, arguments, and deep silences and grief.

Sam’s Mom: “Try and enquire Sai once, it’s not that we are doubting just in case. I am talking to my colleague too, coz only these two come to our house regularly other than the servant.”

Sam: “I tried asking him, mom. He said he worked hard enough to gain the trust and that he would never break that again.
He personally has a doubt on your colleague it seems. Which I felt logical because he resigned a week before the incident. And you also said he knows that there is some gold at our place.”

Though Sam had sentient thoughts of doubting someone unless there are good proofs stopped her, she couldn’t stop the investigation from her end. Because Sai was procrastinating things, taking advantage of mother’s emotional weakness.

She took over the charge and with the help of one good friend, she made the mom talk to a real police in person, unlike Sai.

But, She couldn’t prove anything.

Situations went out of control. Just like the changing weather.

Sam: “Sai, Did you inform your brother that there is an issue going and at some point, police might just enquire you because you visit our house frequently.?”

Sai: “No. I am here to inform something to you. I am going to take up Deeksha to visit Sabarimala again. But don’t worry. I’ll be back on your birthday date.”

Sam: “What? You mad or what? At this point, if you take up such decisions you are proving stuff not only to everyone but to me too.”

She knew that something was not right. Somewhere something is going wrong.

She didn’t want to spoil his career by putting him behind the bars. But the betrayal was more than anything else. But the kind part of her started thinking what if he was in a bigger trouble than this?what if situations pulled him down?
Also, her hope didn’t vaporize, that minute amount of faith saying “I wish it was not him.” With that, she dialed to Sai’s brother Uma.

Sam: “Hey, I am Sam, Sai’s friend. I don’t know if he told him or not. He went for a police inquiry for the gold lost at my place. I know this would be shocking..”

Uma: “Wait. Wait. I don’t know if you know this or not, he’s in Ayyapa Deeksha. And he didn’t tell me about any inquiry, also we didn’t understand why all of a sudden he took Deeksha. What is the value of the gold lost.?

Sam: “Seven to Eight lakhs. I know that he is Ayyapa Deeksha, but he is the prime suspect now. I felt you guys should know before this spoils his career. Because I tried my best to talk him out of this. He never revealed anything to me until now. He might tell you before this gets complicated any further.”


Uma: “But why would he do such thing in the first place? Did you guys plan this together? Or did you give him the gold? Did he ask you or something? “

Sam: “ Excuse me, sir. First of all, when I am respecting you and trying to put your brother out of this, co-operate if you can otherwise, it’s your brother and his career. There is nothing I could lose out of this.
Yes, I might lose the trust on him and he might lose me. Remember that I have my priorities sought.

First thing, I have done the interrogation by myself and his best friend has fallen prey for his acting.

FYI, your brother mortgaged some ear rings on his best friends name saying there would be some discount, you might ask me how he allowed that. He saw Sai talking to your mother and he convinced him that mom is recommending or some bullshit story.
Yeah, that guy is foolish enough.

You can go and check with your brother about all this.

Just remember that I am informing this to you because our families knew each other since ages and I didn’t want your family to be in trouble for whatever reason. Also, I clearly understood where this can go if your brother doesn’t respond to the police in next few days.

After Few days,

Uma spoke to Sam’s parents and apologized on Sai’s behalf. He bought half of the gold that was mortgaged by Sai and gave it to Sam’s parents.

The nightmares re-entered the girl’s life.
Sleepless nights where the pillow silently soaked all the tiny drops into space.
It was not the pain that mattered.
It’s the circumstances and the rationale behind the pain.
Yet, the girl’s gut feeling, heart feeling and what not says that whatever people are gossiping is not true.
This was the end of the long bought trust.

She seemed strong to everyone, coz she was just portrayed as an easy-going geek to the outside world.

She was just a glass toy just like everyone else.
Deep inside she broke, her heart broke.


She knew that she has to struggle with this fact for a lifetime. No matter how hard she tries to move on.
The thought that this guy, his memories and the stuff she learned from him, will haunt her for a life time killed her inside.
Coz only she saw two sides of him, the Yin and Yang in him.

Dear Diary,
I don’t know if I want to talk or just stay quiet or I don’t know, I have no words to say. I enacted to be the bravest, But this is hurting me.

I realized that I don’t matter to at all.
Whatever happened in past few weeks.
I never thought that this was the end of everything I dreamt of.
He might be happy now.
But I am sure he’ll never know what I am going through now.
He’ll never know how hard it is to gulp down the pain and halt the tears just behind the eyelids.
He’ll never know what it takes to smile, just because my parents aren’t able to see my pain.
I am sorry. But I can never forget and forgive him for this situation and his decision.
Whatever the reason is.
He has ruined most beautiful dream of my life.

The struggle between her thoughts and life will continue till her last breath.
She knew.
She learned.
She lived.



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