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Disclaimer: Based on a True story.  Real incidents. Character names have been changed for privacy purposes. Any similarity to character names is not the responsibility of the writer and will not be changed as it might lead to the loss of intensity in the story.


That one day changed everything in her life.

Life changes in one moment.

There was pin drop silence and everyone’s eyes were filled with blood site. The room was filled with bloody-smell, some students pretending to watch some watching the blood real close and admiring it.

“Here, you cut the leg piece”

“I’ll take the brain”

Group of friends (A girl and three guys) were adored their work that day because it was Pharmacology lab day wherein there was some real interesting lab stuff apart from the cardinal ‘attendance’ of university life.

The girl received a call.

“Pandu (Sam), Can I get some help in data entry work from your friends? Someone ?”

“Is it like part-time work mom?”

“yes, it is.”

“Well okay. I’ll ask Subbu (Sai) to enquire if anyone is available.”

“Okay, ask him to call me.”

“Hey Richa, there is some part-time work for 3 days it seems, shall we go, we can stay at my place for 3 days, it’ll be a short and sweet memory”

“Sure, but you think we can pull up the software stuff? I don’t know ABCs of it.”

“Chill my mom will take care of it. Our target is to arrange for a small size party with our first earnings.”

“Okay. Deal done. But you know the requirements for party right.?”

“Yeah, Vodka, I got it.

And yes don’t forget to call Mahi after 10 minutes. You guys can come to my place together. And yes, remind him to pack stuff for 3 days.”

Saying that Sam connected her Bluetooth and drove to her home.

“Siri, Call Subbu”

‘Koti Koti taralona, chandamama unanalu nee mansulo nenu untane…’ (Telugu song)

“Chepu, Pandu”

“How many times should I tell you? Please change that caller tune that’s really irritating”

“Well, each and every line is for you… okay chill, It’s Illayaraja dear, you don’t understand.”

‘ Well, I understand stupid. That’s what I don’t like about us. We started our relation with common interests those interests are still the same. Except for our relation which is the toughest thought to manage. ‘ She thought to herself.

“Hello, Are you there?”

“Yes say, What happened?”

“I came here to the workplace with few of my friends.They left But I decided to stay back.I thought I can help aunty.”

“Your wish.I’ll call you later then.”

I don’t understand what is so frustrating about work but when it is accompanied with friends, anything is made easy in life.

Those three days were filled with immense joy, lots of talks, truth or dares, teasing and the long night gossips.

“Mahi, stay at my place today too. We’ll have some real party tonight. Invite Subbu too, anyways he missed out the last two days.”

“But, Sam you were furious with him a while ago that he didn’t finish a single module and was wasting time getting food for you and looking at you for all day long.?”

“Yes, Mahi I was. But he is still a part of our group right. Let him come.”

“Okay then. We will get the stuff, we’ll be there exactly 10 minutes after you reach home, make sure we can take the vodka and chicken into your room silently.”

“Done. Leave a text when you reach.”

It was Midnight, Sam’s sister Sri inspected each room of the house and then the party began.




“Subbu you wanted to ask Sam something right? Go ahead ask?” Said Mahi.

“No Mahi, We should never take advantage of a drunk girl. I’ll ask her when she is sober.”

It was 10.00 AM the girl opened her eyes.

Sri walked into the room with a glass of buttermilk.

“Here, have this, do you remember what you guys did last night.? I didn’t expect that you would say all that to him, Sam.”


“All that? To him? What are you talking about?”


“Yes, all that. You told him the actual reason for your break up.”

“I did?”

“Not just telling him. All four of you had lots of neat and I was the only one who had control over myself and took control of myself.

You, on the other hand, told him everything,


That he has tons of characteristics matching dad and that you don’t want a life partner like dad.

And because of that fear, you decided to just be friends with anyone.

And moreover, you told him that you like him a lot, and still love him. It’s that you don’t have any opinion on marriage or life partner, coz of instances that you see.”



-To be continued


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