The Story of Nirith – 3

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Disclaimer: Based on a True Story.  Real incidents. Character names have been changed for privacy purposes. Any similarity to character names is not the responsibility of the writer and will not be changed as it might lead to the loss of intensity in the story.


“You are not kidding me right?”

“No, Sam why would I? I know that you still love him. I wouldn’t kid about such stuff.”

‘Good morning Pandu. Ping me as soon as you wake up!!’


“Okay. I need some time. Leave me alone Sree.”

‘Are you sure Sam?’

“Yes, I’ll call you if I need something.”

“Richa, Wake up you idiot.” Sam kicked Richa out of bed as soon as Sree left the room.

“Did I really confess everything to Sai last-night? Were you awake?”

Richa burst out laughing.

‘Yes, dear, that was the most romantic, most confusing I must say, and the best-drunk proposal I have seen.’

“You could have stopped me right?”

‘Stop!? You wouldn’t stop talking or even for that matter stay away from him.
Mahi, Sree, Priya and I were in senses for a long time.
We tried to pull you guys apart, but you were not ready to leave him.

We were scared that Grandma or Mom would get up.’

Richa started laughing out loud again.

“What happened now. What’s so funny about this incident?”

‘You were literally talking like a kid.
Talking about your favorite spot in the. The Window, The Moon.
Trying to balance on the window panel.

He held you tight so that you wouldn’t fall and pulled you back.

You fell over him, Kissed him and confessed to him.

You showed us a mini YMC movie. (Ye Maaya Chesave Telugu Movie)

The only difference is The background of characters.

The Portrayal is almost the same anyway.’


“Oh no, What have I done? What if he thinks I am desperate? What if he is still wanting me in his life?
Yes, I agree I love him, But no Sree this can’t happen. He wants to talk to me now.
What would I do?”

‘Chill Sam, Just say you are busy with exams and avoid for some time. Concentrate on exams for now. We can seek this issue later.’

“Well, I’ll try and find a solution for this. I just hope things don’t get worse from now on.”

For Hours Sam tried to recollect the incidents of the last night, there only flashes of few moments before the shot of Vodka spiked into the circulation. She thought talking to her best friend might give some mental peace and some way to control the consequences.

October 30th, 2015
Dear Diary,

There are a lot of things that are going wrong.
I am losing control over things.

My Birthday, The work place, The coincidences, Mutual circle.

I know that he used to say that he wants to celebrate my birthday in a special way, he always used to say that he would hug me and wish me on my birthday with my favorite flavor of cake and vodka.
But I didn’t expect things to turn out this soon. The pace at which this relation is going is scaring me.

I wish, I didn’t see him in the Bus-stop that day.

I wish we didn’t meet at Cine-planet (Movies) on the day I bunked my college for the first time.
And it shouldn’t have repeated for next consecutive movies.

I don’t want to give him a hope that everything will work out in a right way.

I love him. But, This Is Life.


I wish he understands that.

Anyway, I’ll let things go with the flow for now.

Gotta Go. Cya later.

“Sam, Come over here asap” Sam’s Mother yelled.

She got a sudden panic attack thinking if they left any traces of last night’s party.

*Text Message Notification from Sai.*

The Phone slipped from her trembling hands.

“Oh F*K”

The Display of the phone was lost.

“Oh God, Why me?”


-To be Continued


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