The Story of Nirith – 4

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Disclaimer: Based on a True Story.  Real incidents. Character names have been changed for privacy purposes. Any similarity to character names is not the responsibility of the writer and will not be changed as it might lead to the loss of intensity in the story.

*Text Message Notification from Sai.*

The Phone slipped from her trembling hands.

“Oh F*K”

The Display of the phone was lost.

“Oh God, Why me?”

Time flies, but the mental and emotional connections are sturdy enough. Though it has been four weeks and Sam successfully managed to ignore getting to any weird conversations with Sai, one step towards fun, and destiny made its dive into their paths.

“Sam, this is a horror genre it seems, the reviews are good. Mayuri and a dubbed film.? Is it okay.?”

“Yeah Richa, I saw the story line, Paul also is voting for that, book our seats, we’ll leave as soon as this class ends. We’ll leave our bags here, ask any one of the hostlers to leave them in your room after the college hours.”


*Sam* *Sam*

As she stepped towards her seat, she could feel someone calling her name out.

*Text message from Sai – Please remove the ID card.*

“Oh, F*k. Damn it Richa. Not again.

I tried my best to ignore him.

Give me two minutes.

Okay, I am fine, I am not talking to him or looking back. Where is he exactly? “

“Right behind you. I think the entire row are his friends. And I think they know you. Two of them are calling out your name.”

“Okay. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.” Sam’s tried to control her actions.

“Sam, chill. Nothing will happen. You need not talk about anything. We’ll walk out the theatre after the movie and he’ll be busy with friends,  so chill don’t worry.”


“Pandu wait. They are my friends Yash and Pranav. Don’t mistake this. They asked me to introduce you. That’s it.  And what happened to you? Weren’t reachable on calls? You blocked my calls or what?”

“No, there was an issue with my mobile. It’s working now.”

*Shall we meet?*

A message popped after 45 days.

But this time it was to Sai from Sam.

The phone rang instantly.

“What happened Sai.? Where were you all the time?”

“Where are you?”

“I am driving. On my way to college. Why what happened?”

“Okay, Listen to me carefully, stop the vehicle aside. Don’t shout or react on the road.

Yash, Ram and I took up Deeksha to go to Sabarimala. I won’t be able to talk to you much.”

“What? Are you serious? Anyway, I don’t believe in all this stuff. Just tell me how to wish you on your birthday, that’s enough.”

Those 41 days were years in her perception. Yet she managed to send an email letter for his birthday.


“Couldn’t he just plan the journey in such a way that he could have covered up the distance between Jan 7th to 9th, after all his presence on 8th only could make this much better. “ She poured her thoughts in her diary.

Jan 9th, 2016

“Sai, you know what? Let’s be Friends with benefits.? What say?”

“What is wrong with you Pandu? “

“No am serious because I know that relationships are not meant to be forever. I don’t believe in marriages or long-term relationships. Also, I just cannot end my thoughts and feelings about you. I always wanted you to be a special part of my life.”


“Yash has arranged a party at his place. Will you join?”

“Me? What would I do there? You guys enjoy.”

“Good even if Yash invites you. Don’t accept. Coz I don’t want to go too.”

“No Don’t do that. People will think that I am restricting you for everything. You go.”

*Yash calling*

“Yeah Yash, tell me. Don’t worry he’ll be there in the party.

I can’t assure about me. Coz I need to go to college tomorrow.”

“Okay Sam, But Join us in the evening, have a shot or two. But you have no option, do skip the college for 4-5 days. Coz we are going to have the best party for 4 continuous days.”

“You kidding me? Impossible. I cannot join you guys.”

“Hey, Chill about everything. We can manage. Just join us during your college hours. Trust me there is no other time that you can make such memories.”

“Hmm, Yeah. Okay.”

Sam and Yash became the closest friends, within no time.

They started hanging out more than usual, from video calls, texting, much conversating souls to sharing passwords.

“ Sam, I am going to call you ‘Anjali papa’ from now on. Why don’t you get your hair straightened?

See it’s making you look more obstinate than usual.

Although you are quite obstinate by nature. 😛 “

“ :/

Okay. Bye.”

*Party at Hookah parlor. Be on time Sam.*

*Sure Yash.”

“Cigarettes as candles? Whose idea is this? It must be your’s, Sam.”

“Hope your brain worked this way during exams Yash dear. There would have been half of your age wouldn’t have been stuck with you in the form of backlogs.”

*Happy Birthday Yash. Make a wish, lit the lantern and let it fly.*

After multiple attempts the lantern launch was unsuccessful.

😀 😀

“What did you wish for Yash, Was the wish such impossible task? Or was it something that you wanted to be some X-man?”

“I was serious about it Sam.”

“It’s Okay. Leave it. It will not fly now. I’ll get a new one for you. Don’t behave like a Despo Kid.”

“No Sam, You won’t understand, I wanted someone to be together for a lifetime.”


-To be continued


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