The story of Nirith – 1

Disclaimer: Based on a True story.  Real incidents. Character names have been changed for privacy purposes. Any similarity to character names is not the responsibility of the writer and will not be changed as it might lead to the loss of intensity in the story.


It was the month of Dusshera, their eyes collided after a year, 12 months 10 days to be exact.

Amongst the noise, the dust, the traffic, it was their eyes talking to each other across the road.

Even before they made any attempt to cross the road and meet each other. The girl’s college transport arrived at her pick up stop.

Despite having each other’s contact numbers their ego took over their concern. They waited for the next day. Until finally after 10 days, the girl finally stopped staring at him and gave an indication to cross the road.

“I wanted to give you this since long, but since we broke-up and weren’t talking to each other I couldn’t.”

The girl left a keychain in his hand and silently boarded the bus.

Next day.

“Will you please give me one chance to correct my mistakes?” the guy asked.

“Chance to explain what? Whatever happened in the past?

Oh okay. You want to say that all of the stuff that I heard from Sashitha are wrong?

Your affairs? Your chats?

okay. Leave about the girls and affairs.

How do you want to justify what I heard?

You stealing credit cards from your aunt’s house?”  Girl asked furiously

“Please listen to me for once. Don’t you know how Sashitha is? You said you knew her since 4th grade. And we were all classmates since 4th grade. We were together for 14 years, okay let’s say you know me since 14 years and she left to a different college after 10th grade. You know everything about us right?

Coming to the theft thing it all started because of my friends, now once I knew their true colors I have left them and started with my own life.

I tried to contact you but, you were not interested in talking to me, I knew everything that you took a year break from your studies and that you were going to join in college that is located near my college for a 6-year course. I couldn’t digest the fact that you used to share everything with me and didn’t even bother to say a word about why you broke up or why you suddenly stopped replying to my texts.”

“See Sai I am very much clear on what I want to achieve in my life. And I don’t want you to mess up my life again.

I don’t want any restrictions to be it dressing or the people I talk to.

I still remember the mess you created while we were in junior college, Just because I spoke to a batchmate of mine you came up with a rowdy gang in the college transport and threatened me to choose one. I still remember stuff. I don’t say you are wrong. You were over protective.

If you wanna stay the way we were before we got into a relationship in 10th grade we can stay the same old friends. But, we are not meant to be together forever. ‘In a relationship’ .” She gave her opinion.

“I agree whatever I did was wrong. Mistakes are made by everyone. I know you don’t want to continue the relationship. But promise me you will agree just for one thing?

please?”  he pleaded her.

“What is it?”

“Let me drop you to your college for few days? Please don’t say ‘no’ my college is just a kilometer away from yours.”

“Oh but I have my college transport. No thanks”

“Anyway, I would be going on my bike alone. And as far as I know you, you don’t talk much to anyone until you have a real good friend. Think of it.”

“OK. But only while going to college. Let me utilize the college transport for one way at least.

And we are just friends as we were nothing more than that.”

“Let’s see”


“So Which branch of engineering are you pursuing now?”


“That’s a tough group. You said you were interested in CSE right?”

“Yeah but my brother and everyone else in the family wanted me to take this group”

“And I am dying to clear the subjects every year.”

“How many backlogs do you have?”


“Don’t ignore just clear and study hard for the next three years.This will be the base.”

“Well, I am trying to.”

Well, they say that coins rotated in the same circle collide. Something similar happened with these two and they happened to meet almost every alternate day.

The college bunks, Hangout places, Eat-outs, Movies.

Movies especially, being the most common colliding point.

“ I bunk my college very rarely and I have seen you all the 5 times that I have come to this place. Is it a coincidence or you are always here during college time?”

“Well partly coincidence. But yes 90% of the time I spend my time here. Attendance I manage with a proxy.”

“Well, now I understand why your backlogs have been piling up and never decreasing.”

“It’s not like that. Come let me introduce you to my friends. This is my gang. She is my best friend she works as a part time tuition teacher in a school near her hostel. And it’s her treat today.”

“Guys, This is Sam, My girl. Now we are going to watch AD movie you guys wanna come.? No Sai there are only two tickets, you two carry on.”

She stared at him.

“Did you ask me? Before giving a statement for yourself? Did I say that I will come to a movie with you?”  She walked away from the theater as soon as the doors were open in the interval time.

“ I have exams until Jan 12, I don’t think I will be able to talk or meet”

“ What about Jan 8th…???”

The girl left pretending she didn’t hear. Although the only birthday she remembered after her sister’s and immediate birthday is his.

“Happy Birthday” A message used to pop up right at 12’ AM every year.

But that year he didn’t receive any message.

Guy somehow gathered the information that the family moved from that area to a house a few miles away from there.

He waited for the girl to inform him.

She didn’t. Coz all she was scared was falling for him again

Each time she thought of giving him a second chance the past nudging her brain.

That one day changed everything in her life.

Life changes in one moment.


To be Continued.


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